Wm. Ruffin Bailey
Putting my experience on display

If you're interested in my ability to write and communicate effectively, you might also want to check out my academic vita. Though it sometimes feels like ancient history it's been so long, you'll see some pretty neat examples of my publications and teaching work, including chapters on the cultural influence of video games and digital television (including a chapter on a syallabus taught at Duke!) and several years' of teaching everything from freshman English to Game Studies.

Select Technical Writing Samples
Intro to VB.NET (doc) (pdf) (class materials)
OAAT Developer Documentation (doc) (pdf) (Internet Mapping Server code description)
DevArticles Bio and Article on ADO.NET (2002)
(bio) (article)
(Easing Transition From ASP and ADO
to ASP.NET and ADO.Net)
In-house documentation for custom SQL views
In-depth project explanation here