Wm. Ruffin Bailey
Putting my experience on display

Data Tier Applications

In brief, my data tier applications have been written primarily in C#, VB.NET, or VB6, but have processed data from a number of relational databases, including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, and SQLite. I have experience writing code directly referenced by codebehind in aspx pages (and Java code in JSP -- even COM and Java referenced in Classic ASP), a great deal of experience writing Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) based classes for the US Army's enterprise-level GIS system, as well as good working experience creating and consuming anonymous web services via Web Services Description Language (WSDL).

Unfortunately, the data tier code is where serious IP lives, and though I would prefer to post Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERDs), this is a place where my clients would prefer I don't. It is difficult to post "live" data tier programming because, well, revealing schemas content and web-service interface code necessarily create security and copyright concerns for "work for hire" style programming. It's a Golden Rule situation: If you were my client, you wouldn't want that information here.

That said, I'm happy to show the inner workings of these projects in a closed, face-to-face interview environment. I may write up a tutorial on how to use these technologies and backfill this section to show my ability in a more generic fashion, but consider that a round tuit task if you're reading now.

I used WCF extensively in Army Mapper. I used JSON-based data retrieval for much of the DHEC Immunizations Registry. Both of these projects tangentially referenced web services via WSDL. Nearly all of my work required and requires some sort of data store and database schema development. You can get a feel for my ability to solve complex issues in SQL with my RDBMS page.