Wm. Ruffin Bailey
Putting my experience on display

Database Systems with Browser-based UIs

PeopleMatter Save For Later Hire Module From my start coding raw Javascript and CSS to perform dhtml and hard-coding against XMLHttpRequest, I have become quite familiar with JavaScript and popular libraries wrappers and UI widgets. I'm fluent in jQuery and jQueryUI, have used ExtJS (2.2-4-1) and KnockoutJS extensively, and even wrote a straightforward, zero-dependency tag UI library in JavaScript called tagifyJS.

Further, I'm one of only two folks with the JSLint badge at StackOverflow, which I'm admittedly a little proud of accomplishing.

Backends and server-side languages vary, and I am very well versed with .NET (MVC, ASP.NET and WCF & WSDL), php, and classic ASP, and familiar with JSP. RDBMS engines have included Microsoft SQL-Server, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, PostgreSQL, and MySQL. I am comfortable using ANSI SQL, T-SQL, and PL/SQL, which have all been used on paid project work.

Here are some representative examples:
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PeopleMatter Workforce Management Software (.NET MVC, NHibernate, QueryOver, MSSQL, LINQ, jQuery, Bootstrap, KnockoutJS, JSLint)
MessageFactory Direct Marketing Manager (.NET MVC, LINQ to Entities, MSSQL, LINQ, jQuery, Kendo ASP.NET & HTML UI, JSLint)
DHEC Immunizations Registry (ASP.NET in C#, jQuery, DB2)     
SpiderSavings.com (PHP / MySQL)     
Student Bios (PHP / MySQL)    
Management Information System (ASP / MS-SQL)    
Information Request TrackingInformation Request Tracking System (ASP / MS-SQL)
Product/Project Description Maintenance System (ASP / MS-SQL)

Mapping (UI / Map Tier / Data Tier)

Army Mapper (ExtJS, JavaScript / WCF, MapServer, OpenLayers / Oracle & Oracle Spatial)     
Historical Hurricane Tracks Tool (ASP, OAAT / ArcIMS / ArcGIS, & MS-SQL Server)     
RAster Data Delivery System (ASP, OAAT / ArcIMS / ArcGIS & MS-SQL Server)